Monday, 23 June 2014


Monday, 23 June 2014
Top and Bottom: New Look // Sandals: Primark

Guess who chopped off her locks?! Singapore is so muggy and hot, and I've been having so much trouble with my longer hair that I decided to go for the choppy bob so popular nowadays. I must say I was a bit shocked when the hairdresser literally gathered my hair and snipped it all off in one go, though!

Since the holidays are here, I've been going out a lot more than usual and have plenty of opportunities to play dress-up. I've been really keen to experiment with the bold hues seen in most brands' summer collections, and tried to pair the daring culottes here with Primark's equally vibrant sandals. I bought and wore a similar pair in mint green for Portugal, they were sadly damaged by the end of the trip!

I was partly inspired by the colour palette of the movie, Her, for this outfit. I adored Joaquin Phoenix's character's wardrobe of rust, red and oranges.

Also, who says you can't mix pastels with neon? What did you think of my colour combination, and how 'bout my new hair? 

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