Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Feature: OLLO

Wednesday, 3 September 2014
Raymond and Debbie, the couple behind OLLO.

As seen in my latest posts, I've been sporting a new pair of sunglasses generously sponsored by a company I chanced upon at the Public Garden flea. 

OLLO is run by Raymond and Debbie, optometrists who decided to offer both practicality and a quirky sense of fashion in their eyewear products. After years in an industry dominated by 'boring' designs, they realised that a niche could be found for interesting, yet flattering, eyewear. Just check out the pictures below for their full range!

ALO X JUUN.J, OLLO's latest collection. Can you spot the pair of sunnies I picked out for myself?

All of their eyewear is sourced from Korea, and OLLO also has a hand in the designs that are eventually sold. Each design is hand-picked by the couple, so you can be sure that everything is absolutely on-trend and flattering!

I love how OLLO's website is both attractive in design and user-friendly. There are various guides on what type of eyewear suit your face shape and exact measurements of each item. Raymond and Debbie were super patient and friendly while I was hemming and hawing over which product to bring home with me, and eventually selected this beauty which I had passed over initially. They sure know how to do their job! :)

Cute eyewear holders; was so tempted to get one for my new apartment in Manchester!

Besides their online store, OLLO can be found at the bimonthly Public Garden fleas. So for those of you who'd actually like to try on the sunnies to see whether they suit your face, do head on down! 

Personally, I think a good pair of sunglasses is a wardrobe must-have and one should invest in a quality piece. I've bought so many cheap ones from places like Far East Plaza only to have to throw them away after too much use. My OLLO pair are sturdy and have a Rayban vibe going on - and at a fraction of the price, too. 

Do check out their website if you can, and support this budding, home-grown business! Let me know if you do make a purchase x


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