Monday, 8 September 2014

OOTD: Sports Luxe

Monday, 8 September 2014
Dress: Uniqlo // Necklaces: The Editor's Market and Kollidea* // Watch: tickintorque* // Bag: American Apparel // Shoes: Nike

So much for being a full-time fashion blogger - I came down with the flu almost immediately after my last post and have barely gone out as a result. It sort of put a real damper on my mood, as I'm due to return to the UK in a week and I basically spent a good portion of it in bed with the sniffles!

Maybe you can sense the impending doom with my latest outfit - I've been avoiding pastels as of late, with black being my go-to shade for this A/W season. I also finally got myself a pair of really comfy trainers, although they weren't the Roshe Runs I was looking for (sold out everywhere!). Topped off the look with statement accessories and That Iconic American Apparel Bag, with perhaps a bit too much eyeliner.

What do you all think? Anyone dreading (my last year of) uni as I am? x

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  1. Very cute love the necklace xxx
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