Wednesday, 11 February 2015

#LOVEIWOOT: I Want One of Those Valentine's Day Blogger Event

Wednesday, 11 February 2015
IWOOT ProperTeaRooms-66

I definitely felt the love in the air last Wednesday...
... from the lovely folks over at I Want One of Those (IWOOT), that is!IWOOT ProperTeaRooms-58IWOOT ProperTeaRooms-57

IWOOT is a gifting website that has a variety of gifts for any occasion, and for any person, really. They were kind enough to invite me and a plus one to their Valentine's Day event held at Propertea at the Manchester Cathedral, which is a gorgeous, intimate little spot. This event also featured the launch of several new products, which we bloggers got to try out while sampling scrummy lemonade, tea, cakes and a chocolate fountain!

Upon arrival, Tom from IWOOT greeted my flatmate and I and promptly handed us a selfie stick as a welcome gift. How exciting! This was a perfect tool for their contest for 'best selfie', and although we didn't win, we had a lot of fun with it. I am now a total convert to selfie sticks, and can't believe I didn't own one before this.IWOOT ProperTeaRooms-9

As we sipped our welcome drinks, my flatmate and I browsed the tables which were loaded down with gifts stocked over at the IWOOT website. There was everything from novelty gifts like tongue-in-cheek mugs, practical items like socks, and even interesting, never-before-seen-in-shops things like this gummy candy maker.

Something truly unique was the a design your own perfume kit. We were allowed to mix the different perfumes in the kit to create our own unique scent, which was an experience in itself. At the next table over an IWOOT employee introduced their new homeware line, which features gifts like scented forks for an unforgettable dining experience. I was well impressed with the range of products on offer - there really is something for everyone, and IWOOT certainly lived up to its name!IWOOT ProperTeaRooms-42IWOOT ProperTeaRooms-33IWOOT ProperTeaRooms-18
My flatmate and I had such a wonderful time at the event, and she even managed to snag herself a selfie stick, and I a personalised goodie bag, on the way out. When I got home, I found it had a powerbank (great for when I'm on the go without a charging point!), some delightful chocolates, a bottle opener and cute post-its, which will be so useful for uni!

Thank you to IWOOT for the great night, and I look forward to the next one! xIWOOT ProperTeaRooms-10
Photo credits: Garry Finch

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  1. Oh amazing event! I wish I was there! ps. I love your pictures style!!!

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