Sunday 15 March 2015

Ladbrokes Cheltenham Race Night

Sunday 15 March 2015
To the races!

To commemorate the annual Cheltenham Races, Ladbrokes Sports invited a bunch of bloggers from the Northwestern area of England for a Race Night, full of activities, booze and mingling! They were kind enough to let us all invite a plus one, so my flatmate came along, and together we made our way to Revolution Deansgate Locks (in Manchester) where the event was held.

We were a bit keen and were the first ones to arrive! Oops. Carrie, one of the team members organising the event, was really nice, though, and let me get snap-happy with my camera while the space was relatively clutter-free.

There were cute custom cupcakes with fondant decorations, rows of goodie bags, and various drinks for us to sample. A few other bloggers and I loved the yellow mystery cocktail, which was fruity and masked the alcohol so well. Ladbrokes also had buckets of beer, cider, prosecco and wine to suit all tastes.

We were all starving when the food arrived, but of course no one could eat until we all got our pictures of the food taken! Check out the entire spread below - my favourites were definitely the sweet potatoes with accompanying salsa.

I also caught up with bloggers whom I've met and befriended previously! I don't think I've featured Nisha, Katie or Alex here before (all Manchester bloggers), who are all so sweet and made me laugh the whole night. It was also great to see Sarah, Dei, Emma and Beth again!

The main activity was watching 'live' horse races in a private room on the lower level of Revolution, and placing 'bets' (really only tokens) to see who could win the most tokens and walk away with prizes. Since there were so many people at the event, we were separated into two groups to play the main game. I was in the second group, so we had another activity of guessing whether far-out names belonged to horses or rappers. Our guesses are below, but I still have no idea whether we were right!

Soon, we were whisked away to the private room to play the main activity! All of us were clutching our tokens and squinting hard at the TV screen, weighing the odds and trying to decide which horses were going to win. Our reactions were even recorded by a film crew, so to see how we reacted, do check out the Ladbrokes website! I think I was totally melodramatic when watching my horse lose, oops.

At the end of the night, the final number of tokens were tallied and you'll never guess it, but I won second place! My friend Sarah placed third, and we were awarded gift cards which can be used at a wide variety of retailers and stores. Judging by our big grins, you can tell how psyched we are at the prospect of all that shopping! We all also went home with some lovely cupcakes, a bottle of booze or two, and a horseshoe charm bracelet, of course! 

I'd just like to thank Ladbrokes as well as the lovely ladies from Branded 3 (Carrie, Sophie and Laura) for the wonderful and fun night, and I definitely can't wait for the next event!


  1. This looks and sounds like a really fun night! It's always great to catch up with other bloggers too.

    Antonia x | Fifi and the Diamonds

  2. That looks like so much fun Laura! Shame I'm home all broken haha

    Anna, Yay Interiors + Lifestyle & Beauty

  3. Looks like a really fun event!

    Lola xx

  4. Why do I look so bored on all of these photos?!?!? 😂😂😂 bad photo night!

  5. oh gosh!!! Just spotted me in the background of your final photo.. I was devastated to come fourth!! xx


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